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RJ Inspection, LLC, is committed to delivering the highest standard of professional home inspection services. We provide an all-inclusive home inspection, which covers all the essential systems and structural components of the home such as visible structural and mechanical systems.


7 years and going strong

In our 7 years you better believe we have seen it all! We have grown with the market in our area and made sure that we are keeping up with our customer's needs. Ask us about our crawl space robot!

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Your home is one of the largest investments you will make! Make sure you are protecting your investment by hiring a licensed inspector with the knowledge to help keep your family safe.

We offer more than the average inspector...

Infrared Technology


Hving a good Infrared camera can detect energy loss, moisture intrusion, hotspots, and more!

Crawl Space Robot


Most inspectors can only do a "limited visual inspection" of crawl spaces, which is basically what an inspector can see from a small opening. We have a robot that can get under most mobile homes and in most crawl spaces to make sure we give you a more accurate description of the condition of tie down straps, ductwork, subfloors, plumbing, electrical, insulation, and vapor barriers.

Crawl Space Robot does MORE!


Our robot also allows us to get into small attic spaces that other inspectors wouldn't be able to get into due to low ridgelines. 

Crawl Space Robot

A quick video of our crawl space robot at work!

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