Home Inspections


Our home inspections include limited visual inspections of the roof, attic, plumbling , electrical, heating and cooling, structural, interior components including appliances, windows, doors, etc. 

Pre Listing Inspections


Ever dread having your contract fall through due to issues you weren't aware of coming up on an inspection report? Avoid losing money on the sale of your house by having a pre listing inspection. 

4 Point Inspections


Very Basic inspections where our experts inspect the 4 major systems: Plumbing, electrical, heating, and cooling. 

Wind Mitigation


Wind mitigation inspections are examinations of the home's roof, windows and doors. These inspections  tell the insurance company how safe the home is during a hurricane and/or the amount of wind the home can withstand.

Pool Inspections


A pool can be an amazing addition to a home, but must be maintained. Our inspectors  check the pool equipment to ensure that it is operable at the time of inspection and a limited visual inspection of the pool structure. 

General Maintenance Inspections


Homes require maintenance just like cars. The better a home is maintained, the less likely a system will break down unexpectedly and save a home owner $1000's of dollars. Save yourself frustration later and call us today! 

Infrared Technology


Our experts have been trained and certified to use our infrared cameras to determine possible water leaks and air leaks that are not visible to the naked eye. Our Infrared inspections are included with our home inspections at no additional cost. 


A bathroom they way it looks to the naked eye.


The same bathroom as seen through our Infrared Camera. 

Crawl Space Inspections


Crawl spaces are very small and hard to get into so most inspectors to a VERY limited inspection from a vent or opening. Unfortunately, there can be problems with pipes and sub floors that can not be seen from an opening. 


Our robot can get into those spaces much easier than a human and can get a better view of potential issues. 

View of the sub floor and floor joists.  


A clear view of pipes that are running under a home. Our inspector was able to get a clear look at the type of pipes and the connections to determine the condition.